Have you noticed that the sun is getting stronger and the days are getting longer?  All my seed catalogs are coming in the mail, and I spend evenings pouring over them planning my garden.  I have spring fever so bad.  Last year, we had a pond dug right behind my office and I have been dreaming about planting around the pond.  Two years ago, we had a small pond dug behind the horse barn behind my office, and I bought some white and pink waterlilies on sale in the fall at Home Depot.  I had my nephew wing them into the pond (literally).  I didn't have much faith that they would grow.   Then last summer, my daughter happened to walk out there and the pond was covered with beautiful waterlilies.  I was estatic.

What is there about flowers and green areas that speak to so many of us?  People living in cities in "concrete jungles: respond well when green areas are added to their neighborhoods.  Maybe that is why one of the best investments a seller can make to spruce up their home is landscaping.  Cutting down or pruning overgrown shrubbery, planting some colorful flowers, and adding some mulch to cover up those weedy beds can really add to curb appeal.  Sometimes, a really nice home with a blah exterior, doesn't get many showings because people think that it reflects what is inside the home as well.  Buying a home is an emotional experience, and making the outside of your home as asthetically appealing as possible helps those buyers to make that emotional connection that your home might possibly be their future dream home.