I have been trying very hard of late to learn more about social media.  I am often boggled by the amount of time it can take to keep things updated.  I am getting better about keeping Facebook updated and am learning that I really enjoy it.  However, I need to get more familiar with Twitter and Linked In.  I am somewhat amused when I receive e-mails from those who say they are following me on Twitter.  There isn't much to follow so far, but I hope to change that as I become better at using those sites.  I have to confess that I am enamoured of the internet, and want to learn so much more.  All I need is time. Hmmm!  What I don't want to become is one of those people who put every move in their lives on the internet.  I personally don't care that you just ate a cracker, or that you emptied your wastebasket or plucked your eyebrows.   I don't want to be invited to play games, or other silly things.  It's not that I don't like to play computer games (I do), but if I get involved with all that, I will not have time for anything else, and I already have too little time.  I do want to hear about important events in your life, about issues that are important to you, community updates, and local issues.  Those things interest me.  I love people, and care about their lives.  i want to read that you are celebrating a number of years of marriage, or that you baby took his first steps, or you adopted a new pet, and the family is thrilled. I care that you have a new job, a new house, or have won an award.  I want to know what you care about, what really matters to you (as long as it doesn't go into personal issues that no one should know about you).

The internet is a wonderful source of information and is transforming our lives. There are growing pains associated with it, but I believe in the long run that it is a good thing.  We need to get past the habit of texting everyone when an actual phone call might be better, and not forget how to form personal relationships with others.  We need to be careful what we publish on the internet, as it never seems to go away.  We should follow the same rules for the internet that we do in life.  If we can't say something to someone in person, we should not say it online.  We need to respect one another, and not forget how to be kind.  That said, bring on the internet.  Facebook, here I come!